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Buyers' reviews

We had such a wonderful experience with Susan. She was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, and open with us. She was an integral part of us finding and closing on our dream home. I cannot recommend working with Susan enough!

- Jessica D.

You need Susan on your team!! She is incredibly knowledgeable and such a delight to work with!! We initially started our search pretty dismayed by what was going on in the market - we had our sights set on Montclair but realized the market was crazy. From the get-go Susan was pragmatic, but also optimistic. She spent time with us figuring out what we want, pointing out physical issues to be aware of and directing us to homes that we might like in case we missed them. She was incredibly responsive, fun to work with, super knowledgeable about the area and about any physical/structural issues. She never felty pushy - it really felt she had our best interests at heart which made us feel at ease. And ultimately, she found us our dream home - one that we didn't even initially flag. It literally checked all of our boxes and she was helpful all throughout the home buying process as well. If you need an amazing local broker, look no further than Susan!! She's the absolute best!

- Marina G.

Susan was with us every step of the way, went to bat for us in a difficult negotiation, and got us a great deal and a fantastic house. Susan’s deep knowledge of the area and extensive network of contractors, tradespeople, and home inspectors meant that we got the best, most qualified professionals to help us get our home and, after purchase, to fix it up. As first-time house owners, we were really lucky to have Susan’s expertise, as well as her emotional support, in a new and unfamiliar home-buying experience. To boot, she was available practically 24/7 by phone and text. I cannot recommend her enough!

- Rachel K.

Susan comes with my highest recommendation. I can’t imagine having bought our first home without her. She is a must to work with! It’s rare to find a true professional who is an absolute expert and at the same time is caring, warm and fun. Even through the stress of this competitive environment, Susan kept us grounded and positive. She is both very lighthearted and very serious. Additionally, the people she recommended us to work with during the process (mortgage broker, attorney and inspectors) and after the process (contractors, painters, cleaners) were 10/10 professionals. I know that Susan holds recommendations to the highest standards. You will be in the best hands and she will make your homeownership dreams come true.

- Eric E.

We honestly cannot say enough good things about Susan, who was our buy-side agent on our recent purchase of a home in Montclair. Susan took all of the potential stress and headache out of the process, taking the time to understand what our family was looking for, patiently bringing us around to numerous properties, providing great insights into locations and properties, and never applying any pressure. And she is also a genuinely great person and a pleasure to work with. Our son even started drawing pictures for her in anticipation of weekend tour visits. He loved her. We couldn’t provide a stronger recommendation!

- Mark F.

Working with Susan was a great experience from start to finish. My husband and I started looking for homes right before the pandemic hit and as the situation worsened, Susan was there for us every step of the way. She helped us stay calm and to make smart decisions throughout every turn. Susan is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Montclair (and surrounding areas) and provides constructive insight on whatever you need. We highly recommend working with Susan and we're sad we don't get to talk to her every day anymore!!

- Miriam K.

Wow! For a first-time homeowner, I hit the jackpot working with Susan. Her knowledge of the area runs deep, as she has been a member of the local communities, herself. She is extremely thorough and patient. From the first moment on a property, Susan is already patrolling the exterior property lines... you turn around and she’s in the basement assessing pipe age. These are things I didn’t have a clue about. I didn’t need someone to suggest where to put my couch, I needed an orthopedic real estate person... assessing the strength of the bones of the house, and Susan was just that! Since I bought at the height of the market, there were several times, when listings dictated we had to RUN to see a place ... and, she always made herself available. I really didn’t know how this process works, so I leaned on her. If you’re timid or unsure of yourself, Susan will be a bulldog for you.... pushing who needs to be pushed to make sure everything goes smoothly. She is also polite to homeowners, which I appreciate. You can’t ask for a better person to help you buy/sell a home.

- Katherine G.

Susan helped us purchase our first home in August 2020. Leading up to that, she spent months with us -- helping us get to know the town, viewing homes each week and helping us submit several bids (it was a tough market!). It was a stressful time (pandemic), but we came to really enjoy and look forward to our appointments with Susan. She listens carefully and she took the time to get to know us and understand what was important to us. And then she tirelessly advocated for us and helped us find the right home! She knows her craft and her areas extremely well and shared much helpful knowledge with us. She was pretty much available to us around the clock, and we always felt she had our best interests in mind and never pressured us. She's a true gem!

- Jacob A.

We had a wonderful experience with Susan and would highly recommend her as a realtor. We connected with her initially well before we were ready to start putting in offers for houses while we were still exploring what towns we wanted to target when moving out of the city. We did a number of town tours with her over a couple days. She was incredibly knowledgeable of the 4 towns we looked at together and was able to provide some insight into how they were similar/different to other towns we were exploring with other realtors, always keeping a professional and balanced attitude. Even in these initial stages knowing we were not yet ready to buy and might not even buy in these towns, she was responsive and attentive to our needs and really appeared to care about us finding the right fit for our family. She took the time to show us houses in our price range to really get to know our tastes, what was important to us, and what we were willing to sacrifice. When it came time to look at houses and put in offers, she struck a fair balance of being realistic and practical with us given the increasingly competitive and challenging housing market while still connecting with what spoke to our family emotionally about the town and houses. After our offer was accepted, she was a full-on concierge of walking us through the entire process, helping us navigate and schedule everything, providing recommendations for vendors, contractors, negotiating points, etc. This was our first house purchase and the first time we were moving outside of the city so her vast knowledge and expertise were instrumental in keeping an overwhelming process manageable. Should we buy a house in the future we would absolutely work with her again.

- Claire S.

Susan was wonderful to work with. We definitely were not easy clients and she handled all of our neuroses with grace and patience. If you are looking for an agent that cares about her relationships and doing right by her clients, look no further!!

- Kate K.

We had a complicated cross-country move and knew we were about to enter one of the most competitive housing markets. Susan and her team were with us from the start, and we cannot imagine better advocates and experts. She honored our budget, managed our expectations, and ultimately found us the perfect home for our family. She is deeply rooted in the community, evidenced by her strong relationships and rock-solid reputation. Susan is not only our realtor but our dear neighbor and friend. She is the gold standard, truly.

- Sam C.

Susan is a wonderful realtor. She knows the Montclair, Glen Ridge, and Bloomfield area so well. She really listened to what we wanted and helped us find it. When we ran into hiccups in the closing process, she knew how to navigate through them and proactively made the phone calls needed to resolve the situations. We couldn't ask for a better realtor, and we recommend her whole heartedly!

- Andy W.

Absolutely LOVED working with Susan. She got to know our family and tailored her recommendations to what our family needed and liked. She approached everything with great knowledge, honesty, and humor. She knew so much about the towns she showed us. When driving from West Orange to Bloomfield, she made a quick stop atop Eagle Rock Reservation. She knew what she was doing with that view. She was making us fall in love with New Jersey. Hopefully, we won't be moving anytime soon, but if we needed to, we would absolutely give her a call. Happy to recommend her and Irina and Jennifer to anyone. Also, my toddler loved Susan and gave her a flower that she picked, and that was really cute and the world should know it.

- Nadezhda B.

Irina was instrumental in helping my husband and I buy a house in Bloomfield, NJ. As first-time buyers, her knowledge on the Bloomfield/Montclair area (residential, downtown, schools etc.) and NJ-specific aspects of the process was super important to our final decision. She understood what we were looking for and made it easy for us to be honest about each house throughout our search. Irina was very responsive as we navigated a highly competitive market amidst the pandemic. We also relied on not only her real estate expertise, but used her recommendations for everything from our attorney and inspections to our home insurance and new favorite sushi spot. We highly recommend Irina and already have sent our close friends to her!

- Grace N.

We worked with Susan as first-time homebuyers this year and we could not recommend her more highly. Given the pandemic and various other factors that made our search complicated, we truly needed the best to help us find a house in the midst of a crazy market, bidding wars, virtual showings, tight timelines and other obstacles. Susan did not disappoint. She knows the market and Montclair so well. Along the way, over about 8 months, Susan used her expertise, professionalism, knowledge, connections, and instincts to make near miracles happen. We grew to trust her so much that we bid on a house that we hadn't seen in person. Susan has a knack for predicting what a winning bid looks need her on your team!

- Hannah D.

If you're looking to buy or sell a home in NJ, Susan Horowitz is who you call! She was recommended to us, and boy did she deliver. She doesn't take no for an answer and goes to bat for you. Also, her network of mortgage brokers, inspectors, and appraisers, made us feel secure that we were in the right hands. We are telling you, do not use anyone but SUSAN! She's the real estate Queen Of Montclair!!!!

- Fil S.

LOVE Susan. She is totally our people and we trusted her entirely... evident by the fact we bought a house over FaceTime (during peak covid times) with her help. She’s also been extremely helpful in guiding us to see the small ways we can reshape our new home to improve its look and functionality and better suite our active family. Go use Susan!

- Erica V.

Working with Susan and Irina was a long and exemplary relationship that started with a simple search and visit of one house, and it prolonged into a couple of years of detailed research until we finally found what we were looking for. The professionalism, knowledge, support, patience and responsiveness of Susan and Irina was impeccable. Being someone that gets hardly impressed I was amazed with the work and support they provided to us. In the end of this long journey, it is not just that we found a house, but we also found a new friendship. All in all, if you are a buyer or a seller do not look further then Susan's team regarding real estate needs. I would like to officially thank Susan and Irina for everything they did for both our families.

- Kastriot G.

If you’re buying a house in Montclair – you need Susan! My husband and I had a lot to learn about purchasing a house in Montclair. Like many other new families entering the community, we lived in a small apt in Brooklyn (with 3 Dogs and a baby) and were desperately looking for more space and a better quality of life for our family, while not wanting to give up many of the comforts of (and proximity to) city-life. The real estate market in Montclair was entirely new (and somewhat intimidating) for us, given the pace at which properties go on and off the market. We were lucky enough to have Susan in our corner throughout the entire process and we fully credit her with helping us to find (and GET) our dream home (despite having seven competitive offers on the table!). We have had such a wonderful experience working with Susan from “first search” to “close” in every aspect: Susan is very knowledgeable about every aspect of buying a home in Montclair: access to the latest listings, understanding the true culture of the various parts of town, what to watch out for with older homes (dreaded knob & tube, underground tanks, etc.), respected contractors to work with, etc.). She is direct, honest, a great communicator and always professional. Making one of the biggest financial decisions of our lives together, she took incredible care of protecting our best interests. She was never pushy or self-serving. She was also available 24/7. When under contract, Susan armed us with her “super team” of the best contractors and legal support and stood by our side offering clear advice on how to navigate this tough negotiation period. When it came to making an offer, her critical expertise gave us the confidence and upper hand we needed to make a competitive offer on the house (which we got, despite many other offers). Sealing the deal! Susan made our closing effortless (and actually fun). Again, she was there by our side through a stack of signed paperwork, genuinely shepherding and celebrating this special milestone for our family and connecting us with all the right people following the close (daycare, painters, movers, etc.) Susan is truly one of a kind and we recommend her with the highest regard!

- Margaret B.

We don’t know where to start, so we will just come out and say it as clearly as we can, Susan is an amazing real estate agent, wait, even more simply, she is an amazing person. She is genuine, caring, honest, capable, knowledgeable, hardworking, attentive, involved, experienced, and just generally all around amazing. As first-time homebuyers, my wife and I had a lot to learn and Susan was very patient and supportive along the way and set realistic expectations at each and every point. Our home search process took just 6 weeks from the first time we saw a home with Susan to finding the perfect home for our family. Throughout the entire process Susan made herself available for questions and discussion 24/7. When we prepared our offer, she made sure we understood each piece of it, the down payment, the insurance, the taxes, the closing costs, and how each piece impacted our offer in the eyes of the sellers. This is where Susan became the most valuable player of this team. Our offer was not the highest, but the sellers’ agent knew all about us as buyers and with Susan’s help, knowledge, and expert advice in the way we presented our offer and terms we were so thrilled to have it accepted. Once our offer was accepted, she immediately went into action to ensure we had a smooth and event-free closing. Our seller was very motivated to close quickly, and we were positioned to do so as well because of Susan’s advice and direction. Susan has an incredible team which she put us in touch with a fabulous list of lawyer/inspector/mortgage broker/movers. We had done our homework here as well, talking to other options and reading terms and reviews, it was immediately clear that the teams she connected us with were all top tier, and they all came through with amazing work at excellent prices. We are so thrilled to be closing on our home today and look forward to having so many happy memories created there because of Susan’s hard work and dedication.

- Anthony C.

Irina helped us buy our very first home. She could not have been more helpful, accommodating and knowledgeable about this process. She understood our needs and was very patient with us while showing us around town. Once we found that perfect home, her assistance in helping close on the sale never faded and went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable in our purchase. Not once did we feel pressured or uneasy with guidance. Once we outgrow our current home, we will definitely be looking to Irina for our next purchase. Her friendliness and kindness complimented her professionalism which has also made it easy to contact her whenever we needed.

- Stuart L.

Susan was instrumental in getting us to the home of our dreams! We met Susan in 2012 at an open house. We were not ready to buy for quite a while, but we hit it off with Susan right away and knew that we eventually wanted to live in Montclair. She was so knowledgeable and friendly, professional but funny, assertive but not aggressive. Coming from a family of real estate agents, Susan had everything you want and need in an agent! We kept in close contact with Susan for three years!!! She sent us listings regularly and we even occasionally met up at open houses. We always told her she would be our realtor if/when the time was right. In 2014, she helped us find the perfect home for us! We absolutely could NOT have done it without her. She managed to negotiate a deal for us that I am certain would not have gone through with a different agent. She has great relationships with others in the business and knows how to do her job. I would recommend Susan to anyone and everyone looking for a great agent. We have maintained contact with her since our closing two years ago and consider her a friend (and neighbor!) She put up with us for three years before we bought a home and not for one second did I EVER feel like she was annoyed or frustrated with us. She always said, "When you're ready, I'm here."

- Sarah L.

My wife and I decided to move to the Montclair/Glen Ridge/Bloomfield area and met Susan at an open house we walked through. Susan offered to help us search for a home, which we ultimately found and purchased. Susan was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire home search and home buying process. If I boil down what we liked the most about our experience with Susan I would say 3 things: 1. Susan listened. This may not resonate with some, but it certainly will to those who have been shown or pushed towards properties that clearly do not meet the description (or price) you have communicated. 2. Susan was available and responsive. We are not originally from New Jersey and didn’t know a lot about the area other than hearing good things about it, and occasional visits to eat at great restaurants in the area. Susan set aside time on a Saturday morning and took us on a tour of the area to show us around. We were able to see the different areas (Montclair, Upper Montclair, Watchung area, Brookdale Park, etc) and ultimately decided that we wanted to live near Brookdale Park. There were many times during our search when we had questions or wanted to see a property on short notice. Susan made herself available in every case. 3. Susan is clearly an expert in the market she works in. Susan had a great working knowledge of local pricing, value, and obstacles buyers encounter in what, at the time, was a very hot real estate market. In the end we could not have been happier with our home buying experience with Susan. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to purchase a home in the area.

- Steve M.

It took us 1 1/2 years to find the exact property we wanted because the inventory was so low in the area we wanted. Susan stuck with us, she was very patient and understanding, never pushy. Our time was never wasted because she honed in on what we wanted. To this day, if I ever need to know ANYTHING about living in Montclair, I ask Susan. She's my personal Montclair SIRI and I now consider her a friend. You can't ask for more than that.

- Shana S.

Susan was awesome to work with! We had been looking for the perfect house for over a year with her, and her enthusiasm was unwavering! She was always accessible, knew the area and all the school info we needed, and was willing to show us every house we wanted to see. We never felt pressured ... and when we did find the perfect house, she helped us through the purchase process and kept us calm and confident that soon we would be livin' the dream. And guess what, now we are!

- Amy S.

Susan is the most amazing real estate agent there is. She is extremely knowledgeable, a great person to be around, has patience, will guide you through the buying process (all the ups and downs that come along with it) and you will never be pushed into making a decision you don’t feel 100% comfortable making. She offers sound advice and great insight. She takes pride in her name and reputation. That’s why she has been in this business for so long. The proof is in the pudding. I trusted her fully and knew she had my best interest at heart. It’s more important to her that her clients find what they are truly looking for vs making a quick buck. She also has great contacts with other experts in the industry that you know you can trust because they are being recommended by a trustworthy person herself. if you are looking for a person that has your back, listens to your needs, and gets you to where you want to be in the end, look no further you have that all in Susan.

- Amanda B.

My husband and I cannot say enough about our experience with Susan Horowitz on the purchase of our house. She has been amazing every step of the way. Susan has been helpful with advice on areas in Montclair, recommendations on contractors, schools, and restaurants. Even during the final inspection, she was pointing out issues that needed resolving my husband and I would have never known to look for. She continues to be helpful even after our closing. She is someone that loves her job and the town she does it in. If you are thinking of not using a realtor, I would definitely reconsider. And if you are looking for one to help sell or buy, call Susan immediately. She is the best!!!!!

- Jessica L.

Susan is a lifesaver. My family recently moved from California to New Jersey, and after our first realtor did not work out, I had to scramble to find a new realtor just three days before our house-hunting trip. Despite having just met me, she dedicated a lot of time and expertise into helping us find our dream home. She was able to get a good handle on what we were looking for and guided us in the right direction. Susan helped us make a winning bid, and she negotiated the details of our closing like a true pro. She is professional, experienced, smart, funny, and engaging. There are not enough good things I can say about Susan!

- Maria G.

I can't really put into words how great Susan and Irina were during our home buying process, but I will try! Typically, buyers get involved with realtors who aren't paying attention to their clients’ needs, don't know the local area or are unwilling to spend the time and effort it takes to make sure their client is actually happy at the end of the process. Ours was a particularly grueling process and we honestly don't know how we would have done it without Susan and Irina. They were on point every step of the way. They listened to our needs, went above and beyond their regular duties and even offered sincere emotional support. Not only would I highly recommend them, but they are also the best example of what realtors should be. If you are working with anyone on the Horowitz Team, you are in great hands.

- Twanisha S.

We were first time home buyers moving to a new town and Susan was the perfect person to help us along the way. Working with her made what is typically a stressful experience, an absolute pleasure. We always looked forward to house hunting because it meant we got to spend an afternoon having a great time with Susan. It was fun because of her! She knows everything about the town we were looking (Montclair), she patiently walked us through the process...over and over, and she always gave us advice we could trust. She even talked us out of making decisions she could tell we'd regret. Now that we're moved in, she continues to give us advice on pediatricians, landscapers, and other local resources. We would 100% recommend Susan, without hesitation.

- Claudia R.

As 1st time home buyers, we were not ready for the competitive nature of the Montclair area and all that came along with it. With my getting attached to every property I liked and my husband's constant suspicion that he was getting ripped off, Susan had a lot on her hands with us. Off the bat I knew customer service was important to Susan. We spoke to a number of agents at the onset and no other agent showed the diligence and detail the way Susan did. Her follow ups were thorough, she answered the phone any day of the week at any time, and when she said she'd look into something, she did. Susan did what she said she would would be surprised how many people don't. Susan was patient but forward all with a sense of humor. The best combination. We are so happy in our new home and Susan was such a big part of that. Thank you thank you thank you!

- Bridget F.

Susan was recommended to us by a friend and quickly became an invaluable resource. We are New Yorkers with little knowledge of NJ and relied on Susan to find us a home in a desirable neighborhood with an easy commute to NYC. We found the home we wanted within 2 weeks and closed on the house 3 weeks later! None of this could have been done without Susan and her network of expert resources. She was very involved, from scheduling our inspection appointments to calming me down when anxiety got the best of me. She was able to answer all our questions and became a trusted adviser to us throughout the home buying process. Her seasoned experience in this industry was demonstrated through her work ethic, service, and effectiveness. If we buy another house, we are definitely calling Susan.

- Eileen L.

We worked with Irina in 2014 to find a wonderful house in Glen Ridge. She was incredibly knowledgeable, accommodating, and helpful through not only the purchasing process but also the post-purchase process. She continued to supply us with a wealth of knowledge and resource information after we settled in and to this day she continues to check in on us with well wishes and to see how we are doing with the house. I would highly recommend her in your new home search!

- Catherine T.

We worked with Irina in 2014 to find a Irina is a gem! We purchased our first home from her (coincidentally around the corner from hers) and every step of the process was a pleasure. We certainly weren't the easiest of buyers, but she stuck with us every step of the way, taking 5 or 6 consecutive weekend visits to hunt, helping us get over 3 unsuccessful bids on other homes before we found this one, and finally advising us through the entire negotiation process. We couldn't be happier with our home, and it's all thanks to Irina. Can't recommend her highly enough.

- Natalie H.

Susan is hands down the best real estate agent in Montclair, New Jersey. She worked tirelessly to find me the perfect home for more than two years. She stuck with me through various life changes and never gave up on helping me, even when my circumstances changed several times. It is because of Susan that I am now living in my very own house in Montclair. I am so lucky to have found her!

- Taigi S.

Susan helped my husband and I find our prefect home in Montclair. From the moment we began our search we felt taken care of. Susan is incredibly knowledgeable and was ALWAYS available to answer our questions - no matter how silly! - during this home buying process. I have lived in Montclair for over 10 years. Susan helped me to find a rental several years ago, and again, when my husband and I bought our home, Susan was there. It is clear that Susan wants to do right by all her clients - whether she is helping you to find the biggest house or the tiniest rental. I have worked with many realtors throughout my years, and I am 100% certain that Susan is the very best.

- Sarah W.

We worked with Susan throughout the recent purchase of our home, and our experience working with her was positive from start to finish. She was very knowledgeable about the area and was a huge help early in our search when we were determining exactly what type of home we were looking for. She was very attentive and always made herself available to us throughout the process. Her experience and expertise were a huge asset during our lengthy close process. She was professional and a pleasure to work with, and we would highly recommend her services.

- Jenny L.

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